Online chess school "CHAMPION"

Chess lessons for adults and children aged 5 and over.

Benefits of playing chess

Logical thinking
Playing chess promotes the development of logical thinking. During the game, a chess player learns to think consistently and logically, to make optimal decisions, both on the chessboard and in life. Chess contributes to the development of mental abilities and memory, which is also necessary in human life.
Concentration of attention
A student learning to play chess becomes more collected, attentive, and purposeful. The successful outcome of the game fully depends on the chess player’s ability to concentrate and concentrate. Without these qualities, defeating an experienced opponent will not be easy.
Ability to process information
A huge number of theoretical variations and chess combinations develops the player’s ability to memorize them. During the game, a chess player must calculate many options, choosing the most optimal one in order to use it effectively. Such mental work skills have a positive effect on the quality of assimilation of necessary information in real life.
Analytical and planning skills
Considering that in a chess game even one move by an opponent can radically change the situation on the board, it is necessary to analyze the balance of forces, calculate the moves of your opponent in advance, and also choose the optimal tactics to continue the game and achieve a positive result.

Why you can choose our school

  • High quality training
    Training is conducted by masters of sports of Ukraine,Fide Masters,
    international-class masters of sports, as well as active chess players with extensive playing experience and more than 7 years of teaching experience, which guarantees a high level of training.
  • Flexible class schedule
    The most convenient time and day for you will be chosen for the classes.
  • Possibility to choose a tariff
    You have the opportunity to choose a tariff from a single lesson to a package of 10 lessons.
  • Individual approach to each student
    An individual lesson program will be selected for each student so that the training is comfortable and the maximum result is achieved.
  • You can study from home
    To study, you do not need to travel anywhere and spend your time and money on travel. You can study without leaving home at a time convenient for you.

Our school coaches:

Starozhilov Leonid Leonidovich

Master of Sports of Ukraine,Fide Master. Multiple winner and prize-winner of regional, all-Ukrainian and international tournaments. 7-time champion of the Kherson region in classical chess. 4-time winner of the Eventing Cup (classical, rapid, blitz) chess. Prize-winner of Ukrainian youth championships in various age categories and types of chess. Active trainer.

Chess coach
Photo from strong chess tournament "Anfield cup 2023"in Kyiv City
Sklyarov Viktor Andreevich

International Master. Kyiv champion among men. Prize-winner of Ukrainian junior championships, participant of the German Bundesliga chess, winner and prize-winner of many all-Ukrainian and international competitions. Active trainer. Teacher of physics and mathematics.
Chess coach
It is very useful to think during a key moment in a game.
Class rates
Here you can choose a tariff convenient for you.
1 lesson lasting 45 minutes
1 lesson lasting 1 hour
Package of 5 lessons lasting 1 hour.
Package of 10 lessons lasting 1 hour
Student reviews
Here are reviews from students at our school.
  • I especially like the individual approach to each student. The classes pay attention to both theoretical aspects and practical play. We regularly hold tournaments and analyze our games, which helps us grow as chess players.
    Daniel Smith
    Berlin, Germany
  • I am very glad that I decided to enroll in a chess school! The classes here are simply amazing. The teachers show great patience and professionalism in helping us immerse ourselves in the world of chess and improve our skills.
    Sophia Martinez
    Dallas, USA
  • I have been studying at school for several months. I like the individual approach to classes. My coach and I always analyze the games played, which helps us avoid mistakes in the future. We are also working on strategic and tactical thinking, which is also very interesting.
    Adrew Lewis
    Munich, Germany
  • I have been taking chess lessons for the past few months, and I must say it has been an incredibly rewarding experience. The lessons are not only educational but also a lot of fun. My instructor is highly skilled and patient, which has helped me improve my chess skills significantly.
    Olivia Ostrovskaya
    Vancouver, Canada